Nathaniel Ewbank

The Princess & The Hippie

"Bringing Peace to Your Kingdom"

About Nathaniel Ewbank

Having taught Jr. HIgh students for a combined total of 30 years we have seen and heard it all! We became affectionately known as "The Princess & The Hippie" among our students. We now take the skills of teaching and apply it to real estate for our clients. We meet them where they are and lay a path for them to get where they want to be; in other words we educate and guide them.

Because often times there is more than one person who will own and they have different viewpoints, we have devised a low pressure fool proof way to narrow down your options to "the one" so that all interested parties who will be owners are satisfied. When this happens it's a win for all.

We look forward to hearing and working with you!


Nathan & Stefanie Ewbank

aka: The Princess & The Hippie